Mike's Panty Dropper Brûléed Banana Crepe


Brúléed Banana Crepe

Yield:      8 crepes

Time:      30 minutes (crepes)

                  30 minutes (filling)





·       2 large eggs

·       ¼ teaspoon salt

·       1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour

·       1 ¼ cups whole milk



·       4 bananas

·       4 oz. Papa Yaw’s Spice Agave Nectar

·       8 oz. Greek yogurt

·       2 oz. orange liqueur

·       4 oz. chocolate hazelnut spread (optional)

·       Fresh mint





Pour eggs, salt, flour and milk into blender. Blend on low setting for 15 or until batter is smooth and thin. This method uses an electric crepe maker.

·       Pour batter into 8” bowl included with crepe maker.

·       Plug in crepe make and let it heat up for approximately minutes.

·       Dip heated surface of crepe maker into batter enough to barely cover entire heated surface.

·       Place crepe make on counter for approximately 1 minute

·       When crepe edges separate from heated surface, remove with silicone spatula and place on plate

·       Repeat until all batter is used



·       Combine 8 oz. Greek yogurt and 2 oz. spicy agave

·       Cut bananas into ½” thick slices

·       Add bananas to sauté pan and cook on medium high until slightly soft

·       Remove from heat, add orange liqueur and return to heat until orange liqueur is reduced

·       Brûlée tops of sliced bananas

·       Place crepe on small dish and add a tablespoon of spicy agave Greek yogurt

·       Add brûléed bananas and fold crepe

·       Garnish with mint

·       Serve immediatel